Monday, December 22, 2008

The Mostly Finished Product

Just thought I'd share an update on my quilt: the top is entirely done! When I posted about it last time, I still had the border to put on. It's on now, and I think it makes it look even better. Now it has to be quilted, something I plan on paying the big bucks to have done professionally. I've never done that before, and I'm nervous about how it will turn out. I'm pretty particular (you don't say!) so of course I'm worried that I won't like it when it's done. But I'm thinking positive, and once I'm done saving my pennies, I'll take it off to be quilted. I can't wait to share the actual finished product with all of you!


Patty said...

It is so beautiful, where will you put it?

Mommy of M's said...

Visiting from SITS. That quilt is AWESOME!!

Great Blog!

Bee and Rose said...

Beautiful quilt! Quilters rule! I have them everywhere in my home!

I have an award for you over at my bloggy! Grab it so everyone can see how awesome you are!