Friday, December 19, 2008

I Must Really Like The Army Man

It is a pretty well-known fact that I don’t like to cook. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t know how, or that I don’t EVER cook. I do occasionally manage to make delicious food for my family. I don’t want anyone lying awake at night, worried that the Princess and the Army Man aren’t receiving nutritious and tasty meals. Because they are (usually). Sometimes I even go above and beyond my normal realm of regular cooking, and make something really tasty. Yesterday was one of those days.

That morning, in honor of the Army Man taking (and passing!) a really hard Army test, I set out to make his favorite dessert: banana pudding pie. I was nervous, having never made it before. I certainly didn’t want to mess it up and then surprise him with a gross tasting pie! The recipe I used has you make your own pudding and meringue, so there was a lot to do. I actually had a lot of fun making it, and was on the edge of my seat to give it to him when he came home.

When he got home in the afternoon, I could barely contain myself and gave him the pie almost right away. He was really surprised when he saw it, and asked, “Where did you get that?” which shows just how frequently (ahem, never) I make things like this. I’m not sure if he believed me right away when I told him that I made it! I won’t bore you with the details of all the compliments, but suffice it to say, he LOVED it! I had some too, and I have to say, it was pretty good-and I usually don't care for banana pudding pie.

So right now, there is a partially devoured homemade banana pudding pie in my fridge, and a very happy Army Man off at work doing his Army thing. The only downside is that I was informed last night that banana pudding pie should now be a weekly treat in our home.


Kurt said...

I had the same problem when I made my pie, that is why I took a few pictures of it being made; to prove it wasn't store bought.

David said...

hrm... i want pictures to prove it!!


joke: congrats ;)

Patty said...

Wow a banana cream pie, I've never made one that I can remember, and I know that my son loves them. Good job Claire!

Three Dog Days said...

Hey Kurt- When did you make a pie?
Claire- good job on the pie! A worthy treat, to be sure.

Dustin said...

Haha! Sometimes you have to lower the standard, just to raise it up again :) If you always make it so good, eventually you won't be able to top it!