Sunday, December 7, 2008

Laura Ballerina

Saturday night was Laura's ballet recital. There's not much to say about the recital that would do it justice, so I'll let the pictures and video speak for themselves. Her outfit was absolutely adorable, and worth every penny (although I would have preferred that it hadn't cost 6,300 pennies). Laura doesn't have any good dance DNA to draw from, so don't hold her responsible for her obvious lack of coordination. She never stood a chance with us as parents.

My favorite part of the video is Laura's enthusiasm while returning to her spot after the circle (one minute mark), and throwing her hands up in the air with such conviction. She certainly took the recital very seriously and was really committed. You have to admire that. And I was so proud of her for being so brave to get up in front of everybody and dance her heart out. There were probably at least 500 people there and she didn't let it phase her. She said she had a great time, although now she wants to go back to doing tumbling.

Here she is all dressed up at home before we left. Going in to the dress rehearsal. Practicing at the dress rehearsal.
And of course, the video. It starts out a little ways in, since you really couldn't see Laura at the beginning of the show. She is in the circle of girls on the right (the shortest one, naturally), and when she returns to her spot, you won't miss her. She's the one hopping around. She is second from the left for most of the show.


Patty said...

She is so CUTE! I think she was just bored with the choreography and started adding her own, it was a little too subdued. Thank you for that, it made my day.

Rachael said...

Laura is adorable!!!!

Bethany said...

I got teary watching this...she's so dear! Jazz might be more up her alley. :-)

Claire said...

Thanks everyone! I just watched for about the 20th time and it still makes me laugh. I think Patty is right, it was way too subdued for someone like Laura :)

Jenn said...

That totally just made my day. Laura could totally teach me some moves =)