Monday, January 31, 2011

Gone Fishin'

Poor Laura has strep throat for the third time since September!  After a busy weekend with Daddy and Grandma, her fever came back late last night, and she didn't get much sleep, so she stayed home from school today.  She accompanied Mommy to work for a few hours, and then did a little bit of fishing, from the somewhat relative warmth of the garage.  Look, she only needed snow boots, a jacket, and a scarf!  Temperatures in the mid-40's yielded no fish, although she did manage to hook a can of Pepsi, which she generously gave to me. 
In other news, yesterday was the 2nd anniversary of me acquiring my Volkswagen Tiguan, and I wanted to report that at 34,768 miles, she's still doing beautifully.  I love my little VW and I don't know why more people don't have them.  I finally got her a new Jack ball for her antennae (thanks Mom!)  This cute soccer Jack was mailed all the way from California and despite what appears to be a smile, he's not particularly enjoying the cold weather.  Don't worry little guy, soon you'll be sweating to death in the humidity and begging for winter again.
Check out my post from when I first got the Tiguan if you want to see a picture of how bad the old Jack ball looked.

Laura and I had a pretty hectic January, so here's to hoping that February will be a bit more mellow and maybe give us some more time for "fishing".

Thursday, January 20, 2011

January Updates

Surprised to see me, aren't you? I know, I know, it's been forever since I've posted. I feel terrible about that, but as is the case for most people, life keeps getting in the way. I can't even begin to talk about everything that's happened since I stopped posting regularly, and I simply can't post all the pictures I've taken since the summer. I'll share a few January pictures, and hope that I'll get back into a more regular posting routine.
Laura enjoying our second snow of the winter...a bit out of the ordinary for our part of NC!
Moxie in the snow...crazy how much she loves it
As for me, I have red hair again.
Laura was recognized by the county school board as a "Shining Star" for having the kids that came to her birthday party bring books instead of presents, and then donating the books to her Kindergarten class. She was called up to the front of the meeting to receive her award...she was a little bit shy but did a great job!Laura and I after she got her award...I think she was done with smiling for pictures by this pointThe shirt I made for Laura for her 100th day of school
The back of the shirt

That's all for now...wish me luck as I attempt to wrestle my life into order and get back to blogging and running, two of my favorite things that have fallen by the wayside the last few months.  Oh, and yes, my background and blog name are totally different now....not sure if either of the changes will be permanent, but we'll see.  The background got lost by mistake (I accidentally deleted it and can't figure out how to get it back) and the old blog name needed revamping, and 3 Square was the best my non-creative brain could come up with.  It kind of applies, yet makes no sense at the same time, which is why I like it so much.  For now.