Monday, December 15, 2008

Big Girl Car Seat

I'm not sure why I took so long to post this. It's practically old news at our house now, but back in November Laura finally (finally!) graduated to a big girl car seat. The poor thing had wanted one forever, but she's just so tiny and had to stay in her toddler car seat much longer than most kids her age. Well she finally meets the weight and height requirements, so I bought one with the intention of giving it to her for Christmas. Trust me, she wanted one so badly that she would have thought it was an awesome Christmas present!! But in the end I couldn't keep it from her that long and gave it to her one day after preschool.

She loves it so much and adores riding in it. If you're someone who sees Laura on a regular basis, I'm sure she's already told you about the new car seat. Maybe she's even told you a few times already! It sure is nice that this type of car seat uses the seatbelt, because now Laura can unbuckle herself and get out of the car without any help.

Look how happy she was on the day I gave it to her!

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Shannon said...

forget the carseat (sorry Laura) that's a sweet entertainment center! That wasn't there last time we visited. Very nice!