Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ondansetron Is My Hero

What a fool I was. Of course Moxie's accident on Monday wasn't my "bad thing that always happens when your Army Man leaves". That was just the precursor, making sure that I was comfortable cleaning up the nasty bodily fluids that come out of my loved ones in their time of need.

So last night I stayed up really late, trying to finish a last-minute order I had gotten for a dress that will hopefully be a little girl's Easter dress, if it can make it to Alabama by Saturday. It was after midnight and I could barely see straight. I heard Laura making some noise, and went to check on her. She cried for about two seconds and then informed me that she needed to throw up. And sure enough, she did. Over the next 4 hours, she threw up 12 times (at a minimum-I finally did lose count). She was so brave and really handled it like a champ. She did keep saying, very loudly, "I am NOT happy", which was so cute and pathetic.

I put in calls to Grandma and Nana, at increasingly late hours of the night. Both ladies performed admirably in the comforting the Mommy department. Finally at about 4am, I made the command decision to take her to the ER. She wasn't keeping down any fluids, was pale, her fever was rising. I always debate so much about going to the ER, and that was when I really wished the Army Man had been home. It's just so much nicer to have someone help you make decisions at 4am.

We really lucked out and didn't wait long at all. Within 15 minutes she had been given a pill to stop the vomiting, which of course she threw right back up. This medicine (Ondansetron) is truly a miracle because it worked despite being thrown back up. The doctor told me that it's relatively new, and that even a few years ago. they were still having to give IVs for situations like this. I thanked my lucky stars that we didn't have to do that, since Laura and needles do not mix.

We got back home at about 6am, and Laura has been sleeping off and on since then. She felt sick again this morning and was really fussy, but a nap and a Popsicle seemed to have helped. I think she is thrilled by all the TV I am letting her watch. Daddy will be home tomorrow and believe me, we are all very excited about that. If this post made no sense, I blame the exhaustion.


Julie said...

Poor laura. I hope she feels better. When I go out in a bit to plant, I won't send Mary over.

Bee and Rose said...

Poor baby girl! I hope she's on the mend quickly!

"I'm not happy" sad, but so cute!

I am sending people to your Etsy shop this weekend! Just wanted to give you the heads up in case you want to check the comments!

People are loving the fortune cookies!!!

(not having my laptop really is wreaking havoc in my life! ahhh!)

Three Dog Days said...

Eww! I'm glad you took her to the ER. Always better safe than sorry. Is she feeling better today? Will the dress arrive on time?

Martha said...

Poor Laura, I hope she feels better soon.

Claire said...

We are definitely on the mend, and I got the good news today that the dress made it in time. Phew!!