Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Just The Girls

So the Army Man is off doing his Army thing until next Friday, and isn’t allowed to have any contact with us the entire time. That’s a big change for us, because he’s usually been allowed to bring his cell phone with him and call from time to time. But I’m brave and can last 10 days.

We were talking to the Army Man’s Mom last night and she asked what Laura and I will do while he’s gone. The Army Man said we’ll probably just eat out and shop, which I took great exception to, until I realized that it was probably true. The pressure is off for a few days. I can relax, and not worry about that eternal question of “what’s for dinner?” I don’t have to start rushing around at 4pm to make sure my messes of the day are cleaned up. I can turn on the light in the middle of the night if I want. I might even get a good night’s sleep not listening to his snoring.

Sure I’ll still feed my child, but I’m pretty darn sure she doesn’t care if I don’t serve a 3 course meal every night. Yes, I’ll still clean the house (this is me we’re talking about), but I’ll do it late at night when I prefer to do it. I might do a little shopping, but it won’t matter because I’ll just be using the money I saved at the grocery store today by not having to buy food for the Army Man. I spent about $100 less than usual and still managed to buy a DVD, a postal scale, and some Easter presents for Laura!

It’s easy for me to be so chipper right now, when he’s only been gone for 8 hours. Even with all the relaxation, I hate it when he’s gone. It’s lonely, and I get scared at night. Our house is creaky and I am always convinced there is someone breaking in. And who will I complain to about all of my aches and pains? Plus I hate to watch LOST alone. Moxie gets her best exercise with him since she actually has to run to keep up with his running. Laura loves goofing off with Daddy and apparently he's a lot more fun to play with than I am. And I can't forget to mention the Army Man's excellent eye for baby gear and all of the encouragement he gives me while I try to churn out things for my shop.

So hurry back Army Man. There are three girls here who miss you.


AmberW said...

Aw, hang in there lovely lady!
Make sure you get on the blog and whine and complain whenever you feel the need :) That's what we are here for.
You can do it... almost 1 down, 9 to go!

Christina said...

I hate when Daddy is gone, too! The kids go to sleep and I swear there are just more noises outside when he's gone. Maybe its just I can hear them now that he's not beside me snoring. :-)

Patty said...

I know it is a different thing but I miss him too, everyday, all of you!

Bee and Rose said...

We'll be with you, Claire:) I hear ya' about the whole "what's for dinner" routine!

(I have had many emails about your fortune cookies!!! Everyone is loving them!!)

Martha said...

How sweet and I can totally relate that I miss my hubby when he is not here but like my time alone.

This Little Hen said...

I am right there with you I hate When My husband is away! Question where ever did you get your lauraura tags? I love them. I have been making my own and it is taking TOO much time.

Claire said...

Well, we made it one day and all of us have survived!

Hen-I left you a comment on your blog with details about the tags.

Anonymous said...

Aww, you can do it. You're already looking on the bright side. Don't forget you get to hog the remote. (I think that's the best part.)

I hate it when DH leaves but I love it when he's gone. I guess I'm weird like that.

she's the one said...

Dang the last comment was from me.
-she's the one.