Monday, April 6, 2009

Murphy's Law

It's kind of known among Army wives that once your husband leaves, even for a few days of training, something will go wrong. The worst part is walking around for a few days, waiting for the bad thing to happen. Every time you hear a thump from your child falling down, you cringe and wait for the scream that signals a broken bone. You hold your breath every time you start the car, waiting for the click of a dead battery. Perhaps someone will steal your debit card and drain your bank account. Maybe the toilet will overflow. It's almost as exciting as playing the slots! What will come up this time? How lucky (or unlucky) will I be?

For us, I knew it wouldn't be that big, since the Army Man is still in the state and could easily come home if he needed to. So when I ran home today for a quick bite of lunch and was brought to my knees by a disgusting smell, I knew my time had come. It was almost a relief-the bad thing has happened, let's deal with it and move on.

The way Moxie was wiggling in her crate, I knew the bad smell was courtesy of her. Sure enough-explosive diarrhea. All over the wall, the crate, herself. It dripped down the wall and formed a puddle on the carpet. I feel the need to share these details just so you all can understand how horrible the scene was.

Now I know that even if the Army Man wasn't in the field, I'll still be dealing with this by myself while he was at work. But throw into the mix some torrential rain and a tornado watch, and you've got yourself something that just wouldn't happen if your husband wasn't gone . It's just the way it is-if the Army Man was coming home this evening, the weather would be fine and leaving her in the backyard while she was sick would be no big deal.

You just know that she will need to go out while it's raining or the wind is threatening to blow her away. Or, even worse, Moxie will not alert me that she needs to go out (since she hates getting wet) and we'll have to deal with the aftermath from that. I can hardly wait to experience how this all plays out!


she's the one said...

This has happened to me before while Hubby was deployed. You have my sympathy. Nothing sucks worse than cleaning up poo.

Bee and Rose said...

Stupid Murphy and his dumb law!

I feel your pain...Cleaning up messy poo-poo is stinky business! bleh!

Giveaway post is up and people are LOVING the fortune cookies!!!!!

Christina said...

I feel for you girl!

This is one of the times I appreciate you not sharing a picture! Whew!

Three Dog Days said...

This is one reason why a plastic "ariline" type crate is a good idea! It contains the "spills." I went through this several times until I figured out it was the avacados Pie was eating in the yard that was causing it. Even after I figured it out she would still manage to sneak some.

It is best if you can figure out what caused this so it doesn't happen again!

Claire said...

Thanks for all the sympathy! The good news is that the sun is out, the tornado warning is canceled, and Moxie seems perky again. I'm not sure what could have caused it...we have plenty of weeds in our yard but nothing like avocados.

I did take a picture, but only for the Army Man so he could feel bad for me when he gets home!!