Monday, April 27, 2009

A Day At The Aquarium

We’ve been so busy at our house over the last few days, and I have a lot of pictures to share! So many pictures in fact, that it might take 2 posts to get them all in. Friday was the Army Man’s last day with us before he left for more training, so to celebrate we drove 2.5 hours to Wilmington to see the aquarium at Fort Fisher. It was a very nice aquarium, and Laura was thrilled because she loves fish, but the two adults in attendance agreed that it wasn’t enough to make our 5 hour round trip worthwhile.

Once we finished up there, we drove along the beach for a bit and found a tiny little restaurant and had some lunch. While there we discovered the most delicious barbecue sauce ever created, and even got the name of it from the waitress. Too bad it is a food service brand and apparently not available for the general public to buy. I don’t think I’m going to let that stop me in my search for it-it really is that good.

After lunch we walked down to the beach (too bad we hadn’t brought any beach attire or equipment). Last summer Laura nearly died of a heart attack at the beach, she was that scared. This time around, she was in heaven. I couldn’t believe how much fun she was having. Her dress got totally soaked, but luckily I had my handy hurricane emergency kit in my car complete with a change of clothes. And yes, she was still able to fit into the 2T sized clothing. Just barely though! Guess it's time to update the kit.
Laura and Daddy posing with an alligator
The Army Man is so brave
Laura checking out a real alligator
The free-range quail I wanted to birdnapLaura and Daddy in the waterLaura hard at workLaura was thrilled to show this to meLaura running from the "waves"Totally soaked


Julie said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! Where are the pictures of mommy?

Three Dog Days said...

Well, I am catching up on reading your posts, and let me say I am not dissapointed! Looks like you all are having a fun time all over the place. Love the pictures, as always. The Army Man is very brave, indeed, and I love how Laura is holding her hat on as she runs. Poor abuser for sure.

Martha said...

Great pictures, so precious. Thanks for sharing.

Older and Wiser said...

Laura is so cute I can't wait to see her in person, soon hopefully!