Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Chicken Wire=Fabulous

On Sunday, in an effort to class up our house, I put some chicken wire in our backyard. It was all for a good reason though, and that reason is to keep Moxie from going underneath the deck and burying bones or birds or small children or whatever it is that causes her to be so filthy when she finally emerges. It was surprisingly hard work, and the Army Man had to step in an assist me (read: do most of the work). Where we ran out of chicken wire, we stacked rocks. Our backyard now looks so fabulous it’s not even funny.

You know something is tacky when your husband looks at the finished product in disgust. Even Moxie looked skeptical (Really? That’s the best you people can do?) But I will assure you just as I assured both of them: it’s a short-term fix. The Army Man is leaving in less than 2 weeks, and I don’t care how it looks-I just wanted it done. Now Moxie will still be alive when he returns in May, because if she went under that deck again, I wasn’t going to be making any guarantees.

The downside to the chicken wire installation? I may have gotten tetanus. At the very least, I have a very painful scratch on my leg. I guess that’s the price one pays for such a stylish home.


Martha said...

Tetanus shots are good for 10 years if you don't have horses, 5 if you do.

Michelle said...

I hope that the chicken wire keeps Miss Moxie at bay. Nothing's worse than a doggie who digs.

Claire said...

I'm pretty sure it's been way longer than 10 years since I had a tetanus shot. Luckily no lockjaw yet!

And now Moxie has taken up residence behind our A/C unit when she is out the back. I am just waiting to find those lines chewed on one day.

Three Dog Days said...

Tetanus is a serious illness. You might want to get the shot. Tatanus is actually found in the soil, and a scratch will allow it access to you. (No rusty metal needed!) In fact, most cases of tetanus are caused by rosebushes. So beware.

Maybe you should put up some latice. It might be pretty. Also, you might want to block off the A/C now, before it is too late!