Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Would You Like Some Cookies With That Punch?

Eavesdropping on little kids is one of the best things in the world. I love to listen to Laura talk to her dolls, or read a story, or even better, play with somebody. Last night I was listening to Laura and Daddy playing “Punch”, which is just what it sounds like-they punch each other. Laura created this game which usually starts out with Laura saying, “Hey Daddy, let’s play Punch” and then punching him without any warning. Luckily he is the Army Man and he can take it. For some reason though, he never seems to be able to punch Laura back which she just loves. Last night’s game seemed pretty tame compared to past versions and I was listening to Laura laughing and jumping until Daddy accidentally bonked Laura. She stopped him and said, “Daddy, I am supposed to punch hard and you are supposed to punch gently”. I see she has it all figured out.

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