Friday, November 21, 2008

The Pilgrims Are Coming to Celebrate

Well it was the Army Man to the rescue last night! My computer is fixed and now I can post a picture from Laura's Thanksgiving feast. Too bad when I promised a picture I didn't realize that all of the pictures I took turned out horribly. I guess the lighting was bad or something. But I figured I'd post the best one anyway, so you can see Laura in her feather headdress and the shirt she decorated. Each child got to choose a Native American name, and thus Laura became "Princess Flower". I thought it was pretty appropriate. Her class learned a short song which they sang for the parents. And by sang, I mean they all stood there and whispered, looking shy. I don't think Laura said a single word. Which is interesting, since her teacher told me after the feast that Laura is her most dramatic kid, and provides most of the daily classroom drama. I guess that just doesn't translate into stage ability.I got to hear the song (very loudly) all day long after we left school, so there was no question that she actually did know it. We reenacted the song this morning, which I caught a clip of. Of course, the second I turned on the camera, the singing became much quieter. Turn up your volume a tiny bit and enjoy Laura's singing!

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