Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Laura the Voter

Once the political signs began to crop up in yards throughout our neighborhood, the Army Man and I found ourselves with a new little voter on our hands. Laura is now probably as well-versed in politics and voting as a good portion of adults in America, thanks to her incessant questions. She actually seems pretty clear on the whole concept of the President, which is weird but cute.

Today of course was a very exciting day for her and she had a great time pointing out polling places to me as we drove around today. I voted while she was at school and she pumped me for so many details when I picked her up that I'm starting to regret not taking her with me. But I don't feel too bad since Laura also got a chance to vote today.

In the Hay Street Preschool 2008 Dessert Election, the stakes between Ice Cream and Cake were high. Each candidate promised to serve the public by bringing deliciousness to the people, but beyond that the two candidates were quite different.

Cake doubted Ice Cream's experience as the main dessert.
Ice Cream campaigned on a platform of change.

Laura told me proudly that she voted for Ice Cream. The results of the election are not yet final. And Laura wants to know where her ice cream is.

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