Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Momentary Relief

Can you believe what you are seeing here? Gas for $1.88??? It is such a relief to be able to fill up my car and not pay over $50. Now keep in mind that I drive a mid-size sedan, not an SUV or anything. This entire summer it just boggled my mind that it would cost around $55 just to fill up my car! But before you get too jealous of these low prices, keep in mind that those of us here in the Southeast had to deal with a lot this summer: high prices due to Hurricane Ike, long lines at gas stations, gas shortages, and even outages. Unleaded gas abandoned us for about 5 days. Some of us even got yelled at by crazy people at the gas station. Gas was well over $4 for quite a while, going as high as $5.49 at one station (although they later received a fine for price gouging). So this momentary relief is much appreciated. Photo Credit: The Army Man (who I forced to take this picture)

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