Saturday, June 6, 2009

A Skirt For Laura

Instead of making things for my shop like a good girl, I spent today yakking on the phone with some wonderful people, and then made a Christmas skirt for Laura. Because in June one’s thoughts naturally go straight to Christmas, right? Actually, I had some scraps from a quilt hanging around, and I noticed a lot of them were red and green. I figured I’d make a test skirt from the fabric, since I’ve been wanting to try skirts for a while.

Laura seems to be getting sick of being my measuring and modeling victim, but this time, for whatever reason, she was beside herself with glee over this silly little skirt. It ended up shorter than I expected, it's really not that nice on the inside, and I had wanted it to flare more at the bottom. But that doesn't matter because, for once, my little girl was happy with my creations AND I actually made use of some scraps that otherwise would have gone in the trash. Maybe I’ll become one of those people who pledges to make all of their clothes by hand. Then again, maybe not.

These pictures are pretty bad (is my house really this dark?), but I guess they hide just how dirty she was tonight. Oh, and those poses? All Laura's doing.


She's the One aka Louise said...

I loled when I read this. just yesterday I was thinking that I need to finish the blanket I started two years ago. And maybe it'd be done by Christmas this year. We went out instead.

The skirt is cute. You are very talented.

Three Dog Days said...

It looks like Laura is a Christmas Present! The poses are pure Laura. What would she do if you told her to pose?