Wednesday, June 3, 2009

The Delinquency Continues

I believed I promised I’d be back with more vacation pictures, right? And then I never came back and instead only posted about turning 30 in six months? I know, I know. I’m sorry. I wanted to post pictures and give a rundown of our trip, but of course, life got in the way. My excuses are good ones! They include: bronchitis (me and Laura), errands and chores (lots), dress orders to fill (two), a dog acting weird (Moxie), and a husband going back to work and being told they are leaving again on Saturday (Army Man).

So today things have finally calmed down, although it’s only due to Laura being sick and us being forced to stay home all day, to include missing her first swimming lesson today (not that she's upset by that). When the Army Man came home from work today, the house was a mess, I wasn't showered, Laura was still sick, but at least I had started this blog post. I have priorities, people!

I can't possibly describe the whole trip, so here's a brief recap. On Tuesday morning, Laura and I left bright and early to meet the Army Man in Savannah, Georgia. It was so wonderful to finally see him in the flesh and know that he really had survived his training. Laura was thrilled to be reunited with Daddy and we spent the day freezing to death in Savannah which, I'm sorry to report, is kind of boring. The next day, we left and drove through the worst rain I've ever driven in, but luckily the Army Man did some great driving and we all arrived safe and sound. We got to Florida in enough time to go to Downtown Disney and eat dinner at the Rainforest Cafe, where Mommy enjoyed a delicious beverage that may or may not have had alcohol in it.

Over the next five days, we went to the Magic Kingdom (twice!), Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, Typhoon Lagoon, and Sea World. We went to Downtown Disney twice. We swam in the hotel pool. We saw a movie. We got rained on and we sweated to death in the sweltering heat that greeted us when it wasn’t raining. When you ask Laura what her favorite part was, she says, “Everything!” so I take that as a good sign. The Army Man and I had fun too, of course. We got to ride lots of rides and I totally beat the Army Man on the Buzz Lightyear ride.
Laura and Cinderella
Laura, enraptured by Belle
Jack Sparrow, or the next best thing
Laura took a picture of us
Shamu, doing his thing
Laura and Mommy in front of Mommy's favorite ride
Laura in front of Cinderella's fountain right before we left

It was a great family vacation, and I can't wait to do it again in a few years!


Three Dog Days said...

I love the pictures! The princess meeting rooms look interesting. Sort of sterile. What an interesting job. Did you attempt to kidnap (mannap?) CAPTAIN Jack Sparrow?

PS- The dresses look great on the photographer's site.

Claire said...

I agree, the princess job is kind of odd. All the princesses were so sweet though, very true to character. I doubt they get paid nearly enough money for all their hard work!

And Captain (my apologies!) Jack Sparrow was hysterical, they did a little bit right there in the walkway, using kids from the crowd. Definitely a highlight of the trip. I tried to follow him when he walked away, to get a picture taken, but he was too fast for me. Plus, I'm not sure if the Army Man would have approved. Especially since he didn't get his picture taken with Pocahontas, like he wanted.

Martha said...

Great pictures, looks like fun.