Friday, June 5, 2009

Claire Needs Crafting Help!

I need opinions from the blogosphere! I showed my rocket ship appliqued shirt a few weeks ago, and I've decided to make more shirts like that (I'm thinking next will be a whale!). Before I do though, I need to decide which is the best way of sewing the applique. I won't share my opinions here, lest I sway anyone. I'm curious what people prefer, and why. The only thing I will say is that machine sewing tends to result in some fraying of the applique, over time. But maybe you like fraying-it does make it look pretty cute. Oh, and click on all the pictures to make them bigger, if you please!
Machine sewn
Hand sewn (not quite finished though!)
Machine sewn, from afar
Hand sewn, from afar


Martha said...

I like both, but machine sewing is probably way faster.
A whale sounds cute, I also love lady bugs and monkeys on onesies.

Three Dog Days said...

The machine sewen (sown? sewn?) looks like it was too easy. Can you get the stitch closer to the edge, or is it supposed to be like that? You can tell the hand sewn is more time consuming and therefore "higher end." Botique quality, vs. mass production.

Julie said...

I like the hand sewn. It is kind of antique looking. Plus it makes it unique and personal, not like you went and bought it off the rack. My opinion though.

Claire said...

Machine sewing is definitely faster, but oddly enough it is more difficult at times. It's really hard in small spots and on circles. I think I might end up going with the hand sewn way. I'll see if my shirts are well-received that way!