Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A Shave And A Haircut

Today, much time, energy, and money was spent on procuring hair cuts for Laura and Moxie. Poor Moxie's mane had become unmanageable, and after her mean dog run-in, I found several matted sections around her neck. So off to the groomer she went, with the instructions to cut her fur very short, to get those matted sections out. Right after we dropped her off, we went to get Laura's hair cut.

In the last few days Laura had been telling me that she wanted her hair short like our neighbor Mary, who sports a cute bob. I was surprised since Laura has always been consumed with her desire for long hair, but I figured this was the first of many times I would need to let her make her own decisions about harmless things like hair. She told the hair cutter (her words) exactly what she wanted, and did a great job of sitting still for the almost 30 minutes it took to create her new look (that child is just like her mom-lots of hair!).

So the results are: Moxie and Laura both have short hair! Moxie's fur is really, really short, which makes her ears look bigger than ever. And I can't figure out why the groomer saw fit to keep Moxie's tail so full-it looks like a feather duster stuck to her rear end. I tried trimming it a bit myself, but left it mostly intact so the Army Man gets a good laugh tonight when he gets home from work. Laura looks completely adorable, I have to say. I told Laura I thought that she look liked a fairy, and the pleased smile that burst across her face told me that she is pretty darn happy with her new look.

Laura wins the prize for cutest cut (sorry Moxie, you look pretty ridiculous), but up for grabs is the biggest change. I'll let my readers decide!
Laura giving me a goofy smile. I found it really hard to get a good picture from the front.
A side view
The back
Poor, goofy looking Moxie
Now she really looks like a fox
Smiling even though I was laughing at her


Patty said...

LOVE Laura's hair, it really suits her personality! She does win the award for cutest, but Moxie looks very happy, probably because she is much cooler, and looks skinny, she is a girl after all. The tail is kind of silly.

Martha said...

They both look beautiful and will be happy for the short hair in the summer heat.

Michelle said...

Laura looks great, and I'm sure that Moxie will love her shorter hair when the summer heat really sets in!! The tail is the best!

Three Dog Days said...

They are both adorable! Groomers seem to like to leave the tail fluffy. No one wants a rat tail. Moxie really reminds me of something, I just can't place it. I'm jealous of Laura's hair. It looks so good!

Bee and Rose said...

I love Laura's hair! It is very pixie-like! I am really tempted to cut Cat's hair short. Moxie looks great too!

Maya said...

Laura is adorable, but this is the first I've seen of Moxie's haircut. She is too cute and funny! I love the photo of her "smiling" for the camera.