Friday, June 12, 2009

My Dog Is More Popular Than Me

I have a way of seeing who visits my blog. Neat, huh? Don't worry, I usually don't look at it except to see the total number of people who visit each day. For all I know, it could be my mom coming over and over again to inflate my ego. My numbers have been down lately (as have my comments, boo), but I figured it was due to it being the summer and everyone having more important things to do than wait around and see if I will post something new.

So imagine my surprise when I checked this morning and A LOT of people came to my blog yesterday. I was curious, so I started trying to figure out who the heck these people were. And oddly enough, almost all of them had clicked on the "Moxie" label so that they could read all of the stories about Moxie. Person after person had come to read stories about my dog. Kinda weird.

Now I think it's great that people would want to read about her, but the coincidence was just too much that that many new people would come here on the same day, just to read about Moxie. But the problem is, I can't figure out who sent them!! It's driving me crazy. Was I mentioned on a blog somewhere? Did someone tell their friends? I must know. So if you are one of my new visitors, welcome. And thank you for visiting. And PLEASE tell me who sent you. I figured I'd better give the people what they want, namely a new picture of Moxie. This is from a few weeks ago, showing her slow progression to a lion. Look at that mane! The Army Man has decreed she is to be shaved for the summer, but I don't know if I can damage her self-esteem like that. A hair cut is in order, for sure, but up for grabs is how short the hair cut will be. Then again, Moxie has figured out a way underneath my high-tech chicken wire barrier, and can get under the deck no problem. The amount of filth she collects in that mane is horrible, so maybe a shave is the way to go. I fear poor Moxie has sealed her own hair cutting fate.


Martha said...

She is a gorgeous dog, but the hair upkeep must be incredible. Sorry for low comments, I've been crazy w/work and the kiddos. Send my best from SCV.

Wanda said...

Dear Claire,
I read your blog everyday but rarely comment. Sorry, I guess I am just lazy. Moxie is beautiful dog. Sounds like she is a handful at times. Glad you had fun at Disney World. I am jealous of all your adventures. Have a great day.
Love, Wanda

Claire said...

Now, now, I wasn't trying to make anyone feel bad! I totally understand that everyone is busy right now, and that not everyone is the commenting type. It's all good! I'm very appreciative of all of my readers, believe me.

And I think the mystery may be solved. From the sounds of it, my dear sister has been trying to help me determine Moxie's heritage and sent the link to all of her dog friends for opinions. Now I can rest easily tonight.

Maya said...

Just revisited your blog after a long hiatus and I read all your previous posts. I don't know what kind of mix Moxie is, but she looks a lot different after her haircut. The mane is pretty cute though.