Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Second 1st Day Of School

Today was Laura's first day of pre-Kindergarten. She had a first day of pre-Kindergarten back in July, at a different (year round) school, but it became apparent rather quickly that the original school was not the right place for her. I feel lucky that she had gotten in to both places, and that both places were free due to state funding. And while I'm all for her getting to learn through play, I do feel a small amount of letter writing and number work is perfectly acceptable for an almost 5 year old. At the first school, they played outside and watched movies. Laura complained that they didn't even do any art, much less "spelling" which is one of her favorite things to do right now. I won't go in to all the details, but suffice it to say, I withdrew Laura from that school a few weeks ago, and we're trying it again at this new school.

So today still had the excitement (and rushing around) that happens on the first day of school, although I could tell Laura wasn't nervous at all. She truly amazes me with how outgoing and confident she is. I hope those are traits that she will always keep, as they seemed to have served her well so far. Plus it makes it really easy on Mommy that she was excited to get to school and sat down at the table and started playing right away. I had to force her to give me a kiss as I was leaving, since she was in the process of checking out the class pet-a guinea pig named Blackie. When I picked her up, she told me that she had been having so much fun that she forgot about going home. So far, she loves her class and her teachers, and they did art on the very first day.


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh! She is so cute!

Patty said...

She is so adorable, and so ready to go. She is going to be a pro by the time she starts Kindergarten.