Friday, August 7, 2009

The Master Of Surprise

Please enjoy this short view of life at our house.

The cast: Laura, bug killer and master of stealth and surprise, one average fly, and me, the long-suffering mother.

The scene: The kitchen of our house

Mommy is preparing the healthy and nutritious Friday night meal (aka pizza). Laura is generally harassing her mother until she spots an errant fly.

Laura: Bug, come here! Come here bug! BUG!! I want to kill you, so come here! NOW!

Fly: Bzzzz

Laura: Bug, why won't you come here? I want to kill you! Hold still!

Fly: Bzzzz

Mommy: Laura, do you really think the fly will hold still so you can kill it? And don't I always tell you that bugs don't speak English?

Laura: Okay bug, I don't want to kill you. You can fly on the blinds! (whispers) Mommy, I am trying to trick that bug so I can kill it.

She begins walking around casually and then tries to sneak up on the fly, so she can kill it. With the Popsicle stick she is holding. The fly escapes, naturally.

Laura, much like Shatner in The Wrath of Khan: BUUUUUUUUUUUUUGGGGGGGGGGG!

Mommy: I need a drink.

And scene.


Three Dog Days said...

This is terribly amusing. I especially like your subtle irony in the title. Give me more!

Bee and Rose said...

This was so funny! I could completely picture the whole scene! You are a great screenwriter!

SGT V said...

That was pretty funny sister. I am glad to see you have maintained my sense of humor after not seeing me for so long. You daughter sounds as adorable as ever.