Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fall Dresses

Once again here I am, offering up my excuses for being too busy to blog. I have been legitimately busy with my Etsy business, which is awesome but leaves little time for anything else. In between filling orders, I made two new dress for my Fall 2009 line. I love saying that I have a "line" of dresses! I'm hoping to add a few more, although not for the next few days since I have a large order to finish up. For those who don't check my Etsy site regularly, here are pictures of my latest dresses. If you've already seen them, sorry! Hopefully you won't mind looking at the pictures again.
Laura is modeling the Halloween dress, which is so cute (in my humble opinion). She's wearing a size 2T which worked out perfectly as a top. The other dress has a tree print, and I have more fabric from the same line that I'll be using for my next dress. On top of that, I'm going to finally work on the jumper pattern that I've been fiddling around with forever. Hopefully I'll be posting pictures soon of Laura in a cute jumper!


Rachael said...

i love these dresses! can you make an adult version???

Three Dog Days said...

Very cute! And Laura is the perfect model. Totally professional looking.