Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Money And The 4 Year Old

Laura had her first foray into the world of retail today. She’s been diligently saving up money in her piggy bank, and she finally had enough that I decided to take it off to the bank. To lessen the blow of all of her cash being taken away to be saved for that mythical thing called “college”, I told her she could keep $2 to spend how she saw fit. It just so happened that we were heading to Target after the bank, and the dollar spot at the front of the store was just calling her name. Usually I just pass by that little section, but today it was just what we needed for a little girl with $2 to spend. Here is Laura with her choices.I had to document her choices, because I'm sure someday I'll wonder what it was that she picked when she was allowed to spend her money all by herself. I also have to point out that as a baby, those sort of weird, squishy toys freaked her out to no end. I was pretty shocked that she chose one, but she’s been playing with it all afternoon, so I guess she’s over her fears. Talk about being grown up! Her other choice was alphabet stickers, which I was very pleased she selected. Maybe our attempts at teaching her to read are paying off! I think in reality, she was attracted by the pretty colors and the stickiness factor. Oh well.

Laura got to pay for her order by herself (the sweet cashier welcomed her to Target and treated her like a real customer), and luckily Mommy was there to provide the necessary 14 cents to cover the tax. She was so proud of herself, and was absolutely thrilled with the fact that she got change. AND A RECEIPT! The entire car ride home consisted of her singing a song about her change (a penny) and her receipt. She can’t wait for Daddy to come home so she can show him the receipt. I guess in her mind this makes her grown up? Perhaps the receipt is what really makes her feel like she paid for it herself? I don’t know what the attraction is, but I hope I did some good today in teaching her about money. She’s always been a bit of a saver (don’t know where she got that from) and I really want to encourage that. I’ve been toying with the thought of starting her on an allowance, even though she seems pretty young. If I do, I’m hoping it will get me two things: a daughter who is responsible with money, and a cleaner house.
Laura with her change and RECEIPT!

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Rachael said...

that is so darling--i can just picture her singing a song about change. you should record it next time! :)