Saturday, May 16, 2009

Is My Daughter One Of “Those” Girls?

So, I’m starting to think that my daughter is really cute. And that’s not a statement I make lightly, because I certainly don’t want to a braggart. I am merely going off of what the general public has made perfectly clear to me over the last few days. And that is-if you are cute and sweet, like Laura, you will get attention and gifts for no reason.

Now Laura has always been the type to get a smile or some conversation out of even the most ornery people. I attribute most of that to her personality. When she is in a good mood, she is downright bubbly. She’s talkative and fairly easy to understand when she speaks, and is often the one to start a conversation. So I think a grouchy person can’t help but be charmed by a tiny little thing who approaches them with a story about how we need to get a new toy for our dog because she is trouble and chewed the last one to bits. I have so many examples that it’s hard to pick just one. An anecdote from when Laura had just turned three is one of the best ones. We were walking into a store and a middle-aged man was walking past us, looking somewhat sour. Without any prompting, Laura looked up at him and said loudly and clearly, “Good morning!” It was such a sweet, innocent gesture that I basically melted right there on the spot, and I’m pretty sure that man did too. He perked up so quickly and chatted with Laura for a few minutes before going on his way.

I provide that background so that those of you who have never met Laura will understand that she is not a shy 4 year old. She has no problem speaking to adults, and in fact, seems to relish it. So yesterday when we stopped by our local nursery to buy some sod, I wasn’t surprised when the store owner struck up a conversation with her. He was so taken with her that he couldn’t stop smiling and complimenting her. She was wearing a rather fancy dress (poor Mommy was slumming it in jeans and a t-shirt) and was really using all of her charms. So naturally, the man just HAD to take a picture of her. He wanted to show his wife how fancy this little girl was, and she was happy to oblige (don’t worry-he wasn’t creepy and I have met him before). Laura knocked out several pictures with a multitude of poses, loving every minute. I kept thinking how if such a thing had happened to me as a child, I would have been mortified. Then I thought to myself, such a thing would never have happened to me a child, or as an adult. Must be nice, I thought.

Today was no different. At the craft store, one worker thought Laura was so cute and “such a good helper” that she just “had” to give her a lollipop. I wanted to know if Laura whining while we walked through the store qualifies as quality helping, but I kept my mouth shut. Then, not 30 minutes later, I decided to treat us to lunch at one of our favorite hamburger stands. We took our food to go, and while we were waiting, the store manager AND the district manager came over to ooh and aah over Laura. The district manager was a big, tall guy, but Laura wasn’t intimidated. She smiled, laughed, and wound up with an offer for a free cheeseburger on her next visit.

So here I am, a girl who was a nerdy and rather goofing looking child and teenager (and adult, I’m afraid!) with a pretty and outgoing daughter. It’s honestly really weird. Sometimes I wonder if this will last or if she’ll take after her mother and end up just another nerd with bad hair. I try to imagine what it would be like to have a teenage daughter who is popular and pretty. Maybe I'll share my wisdom with her, so she can relate to all of the nerds. Most of all though, I am astounded to find out that it is true, that pretty girls really do get things handed to them. Must be nice.


Three Dog Days said...

Of course Laura is really cute. Haven't we all been posting comments along those same lines since you've been blogging and posting pictures? Is she one of those girls who learned to open doors with just a smile, as the song says? I think she might be!

Rachael said...

these stories about laura are so cute! and i agree, she is definitely a charmer. :)

Bethany said...

I hope Laura always retains her charm and character. She brings so much joy wherever she goes. I can't wait till October when we're all together again!

Claire said...

So today at the grocery store Laura struck up a conversation with the lady behind us. The lady told Laura that she was cute, and Laura replied, "I'm cute all the time!". Oy.