Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting Mail At 8pm Would Be Preferable

Note to self: when your mailman misdelievers mail to you so many times that you just can’t take it anymore, do not punish him by leaving him a nasty note, because someday he may punish you by stealing your mail. I suppose that sounds more dramatic than what actually happened, but when it comes to my package of fabric that has gone missing, it feels really dramatic.

A small package of fabric and a pattern was supposedly delivered to me on Friday at 5:29pm. I know this because there was Delivery Confirmation on my package, and the post office confirms this delivery. All it really means though is that the mailman delivered it to SOMEONE on that day and time, and it sure as heck wasn’t me. How do I know, you ask? I was stalking my mailman that day, waiting for him to come, because I had an outgoing package I wanted him to take. When he arrived, I ran so quickly out of the house that I slipped on the kitchen floor (Angela can attest to this). I handed him my box, and he didn’t give me one in return.

Once I realized that I was supposedly in possession of my package when I actually was not, I started making some calls. Eventually I got to talk to the Post Master of our local branch. She was very helpful at first, and said she would check into it and call me back. She called back today and said she spoke to my carrier who claims he put it on my porch. Huh? You mean when I was standing right there? I think not! The post master said she “did her part” and that now I should contact the police to report a missing package.

Well, that was when I stopped being nice. I proceeded to tell her about all of the problems we have had with this carrier. The W-2 that was missing for 2 weeks and finally showed up with “not at this address” written on it. The official looking mail for our local grocery store that I got a few weeks ago. The package for my next door neighbor that was in my mailbox. The days upon days of getting the mail for the lady next door, and then it finally stopping, only for her to start getting ours. The missing magazines. The jury duty notice that was delivered not once, not twice, but three times to the original owner of this house who hasn’t lived here for over 3 years. That was the letter that got the nasty note, since he apparently was unable to read “Return To Sender” on it the first two times.

Once I spewed all this out to the Post Master, she confessed that today is her 6th day at this branch, that she is brand new, and that she will be making some changes. She did not elaborate, but I sincerely hope that those changes involve slapping our mailman around a little bit until he figures things out.


Bee and Rose said...

I'm slapping your mailman for you! My mailgal did the same thing to us...then she lied about it...I actually videotaped her one day! She was FIRED the next day! Snap!


Claire said...

Wow, you videotaped her? What did you catch her doing?

We had a different carrier today, a lady driving a regular car and siting in the middle while pressing the pedals with her left foot and stretching as far as she could to put the mail in. It was interesting to watch.

She gave me a bunch of mail, although one of them was a Gymboree Friends & Family 30% off coupon with the coupon detached!! I really can't win.

Maya said...

i'm sorry to hear that you're having so much trouble with your mail carrier. but it sounds like you may be getting a new carrier from now on. things might be better!