Monday, May 11, 2009

Flowers For Laura

I have never in my life just sat down and randomly sewn something. My crafts usually take weeks, if not months, of preparation before I can actually begin work. There’s so much planning, purchasing, arranging, thinking, and generally delaying going on that it’s a wonder I ever make anything. But last night, fresh off of my nine hour drive home from Pittsburgh, I managed to feel so inspired that I whipped up a little shirt for Laura.

It all started because I had a rocket ship onesie to prepare, since someone bought one (hooray!) Then, since I had all the appliqué goodies out, I figured I would try out a different design. I wanted to do flowers for Laura, but I am such a bad artist that I ended up settling on circles as flowers. It’s all very abstract, you see. To make my flowers even more modern and abstract, I purposely did not sew straight. Or maybe I can’t sew straight-you decide.

I think it turned out pretty well, for a last minute job. I stayed up way too late working on it, but once I got started I was determined to have it done for Laura to wear to school this morning. I left it in her room last night for her to find, and the reaction was a good one: I was woken up by a small child jumping around my bed singing about her beautiful new shirt.
The completed shirt
A close up of the "abstract" flowers
Laura wearing the shirt to school today

I'll be back soon with details and pictures of our trip to Pittsburgh!


Martha said...

Welcome Back!! Spontaneous Creativity, I love it!! Great shirt. Gosh, you make me wish I had a little girl to dress.

Three Dog Days said...

Very cute! I'm sure Laura is happy to have a shirt made just for her.

Bee and Rose said...

That shirt is fabulous! Are you going to make them in a size 6???? I will buy one!!!

Maya said...

Laura looks so happy with her new shirt! Very cute.

Michelle said...

This shirt is too cute! Great job!!

Glad you made it home safe and sound!