Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Picture Day

Okay, so I’m giving up on Wordless Wednesday. People like me just aren’t meant to try to convey thought without words. I’ve seen enough photographs in my day to know what a true photographer can do. I’m more the posed, documenter of important events type of photographer. My pictures need explanation. Like last week, I thought it was so obvious that the tiny patch of snow I photographed was our snowman (you could kind of see his nose). Plus I thought it was so cute how you could see Moxie looking out the window. But none of that transferred very well and even the Army Man asked me why I had put up such a lame picture (I maturely told him “whatever!”)

So, about once a week, I will try to do a post that I am now calling “Picture Day”. I do tend to post pictures a lot, but I will do this regularly just in case it’s been a while since I’ve done pictures. Plus, it is kind of forcing me to take more pictures which is always a good thing. And this way I’m not forced to do it on Wednesday. I don’t like being bound by such restrictions!

Today will be my first Picture Day. This time it is all about me. I know the majority of my readers are here to read about Laura, and I don’t blame them. She’s much cuter than me. But I got my hair cut last night and wanted to share a picture. I got it cut pretty short, and that crash you just heard was my Mom falling out of her chair, because she hates short hair on me. But not to worry! It’s actually not short at all. She thought I meant short like how it used to be, so short that someone once called me “Sir” when viewing me from behind (in my defense I was about 19, very skinny, and in my grocery store uniform which wasn’t all that feminine. But still, not cool.) I am including past photos to show just how short my hair used to be, then how long it got to be, and now, what I deem “short” hair. Drumroll please. So here I am in March 2006. See, you do get to see Laura after all! This was actually not the shortest my hair has ever been. It looks really nice here, because I had just gotten it cut. I have crazy amounts of hair, and short hair was never a good idea. It would get too big and crazy and I was never happy with it. So in October 2006 I made the decision to finally grow out my hair, and my bangs. I had had bangs my entire life, and I'm STILL not used to what I look like without them. I really think I look quite odd and keep wanting to bring them back. You all know this picture. This was from December (my birthday, to be exact). While posting this picture I realized I don't have a lot of pictures that show just my hair. I guess from now on I will have to make a bigger effort to photograph my hair. I think at it's longest my hair was a bit longer than this picture. This picture does show me without bangs though. Don't I look odd?
And here is the picture I took of myself in the mirror this morning. I see I am wearing the same sweater. That is because it is the only sweater I have, so please send me some more clothes! I think the difference is very noticeable, although no one that I saw today said anything. But that is probably because my hair is always up and they likely have no idea how long my hair used to be. I got about 3-4 inches cut off, plus I have some amount of bangs again. I also look very tired.

So thanks for being a good sport and looking at pictures of my hair. I bet that was exciting for you! Next picture day I will try to do something more interesting.


Martha said...

You and your daughter are so lovely. Great Hair.

Three Dog Days said...

Oooo... it's so sophisticated and glamerous! Very pretty!

This Little Hen said...

The hair looks GREAT~ and Laura is just too precious. you need to come enter my giveaway... I havent had many enterants yet so your chances of winning will be pretty good!

Bee and Rose said...

Your hair is so pretty and shiny! My menopausal hair is dry, brittle and my roots are way too noticeable! Being 43 stinks!

Nata said...

Your new hair looks great. I like the bangs. I'm not brave enough for bangs.
It's funny, when we first got back in touch, I was amazed at the long hair, because I knew you when you had really short hair and it took my brain a minute to re-associate you with longer hair.

Is that weird?

Lyndsay said...

The haircut is great! I can relate to cutting out Wordless Wednesday ... I have a hard tim conveying my message even WITH words, take my words away and I'm useless!