Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Dog's Life

Moxie the dog has a very rough life at our house. In between all the runs, treats, playing with the Frisbee, being petted, more treats, and more playing, she is occasionally expected to entertain herself. She does not like this at all and usually retreats under the computer desk to pout. We were finally able to capture this pouting on camera. What mean owners we are to ignore her!That reminds me--I can't forget to tell everyone about our new dog! She appeared in a box on our doorstep, addressed to Mommy and Daddy Ourlastname. The box was wiggling and we had to open it right away. When we did, a puppy named Susie popped out! Here are our two dogs together.And on a more serious note, can I tell you how bossy talking puppies are? They never like the way you play with them and feel free to tell you so. And they relish popping out of boxes over and over and over, demanding each time that you say, "What's in the box?" before you open it. The Army Man wants to take our talking puppy on tour around the country to earn money, but the puppy nixed that idea. Seems like we are stuck with her for now.


Patty said...

They are so cute together!

Maya said...

It's funny how dogs can express their boredom. Buddy frequently mopes around, especially after we got the cat. He'll dramatically flop to the ground with a sigh, and look up at me with pathetic eyes. Apparently we don't pay enough attention to him, despite all his toys and the fact he's now allowed to hang out with us on our bed. Moxie and Laura make very cute playmates. :)