Friday, February 20, 2009

Claire, Parenting Genius

So you all read yesterday about Laura's horrible coughing and how I may run away from home because of it. I should tell you that I have been informed that it is only what I deserve since as a baby I would cry (a horrible, annoying cry) all day and night, and would not stop unless I was being bounced constantly. I say that sounds pretty bad, but I still feel worse for myself. Yes, I did just say that. And it was easy to say too, because I think that I deserved nothing less than constant bouncing as a baby. And maybe all that bouncing jostled my brain around a little and allowed me, 29 years later, to come up with the best idea on the planet.

I won't claim that I'm the only one to come up with this, but when it occurred to me today, I felt so brilliant that there was practically a flash of light. I have determined that a lot of Laura's coughing is psychological, especially since most of it occurs at home when she is bored. Once she starts coughing, she starts concentrating on the coughing, and can suddenly do nothing else but cough. I don't mean to imply that I am ignoring my child as she can't breathe. What I am implying is that I am being driven crazy by the coughs of a child who has turned coughing into some kind of tic or habit. We've tried distracting her with a game, watching TV, taking a bath, having a snack-nothing works. This weird, constant cough usually happens after her breathing machine and lasts until she finally is distracted, or the more common scenario, gets some cough medicine.

So today she started coughing again. We had just done the breathing machine about an hour before, and she was breathing just fine. After nearly poking my eye out with a needle, I asked her if she needed some cough medicine, and she said yes. So I gave her some of the most delicious cough medicine she had ever tasted (her words). What was this miracle medicine you ask? Sugar Free Cherry Kool-Aid, served as a one teaspoon dosage in a tiny medicine cup.

And yes, the coughing stopped. Please feel free to use this miracle drug in your own home, as needed.


Anonymous said...

I have to say that was a stroke of genius. *claps* Maybe it will help her break the habit.

-she's the one

Three Dog Days said...

I bet this would make an even better movie than the one about the windshield wipers.

Be sure to send some of the "cough syrup" to school so her poor teacher doesn't have to resort to running with scissors.

This Little Hen said...

Great Job Mom!

Bee and Rose said...

Now that is simply genius!!!! I am definitely trying this fabulous new super medicine!!! Thanks for the tip!

3 Bay B Chicks said...

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Martha said...

I'm so glad Dr.Mom is in the House!

Michelle said...

Hi Claire!
I'm squeeling with delight for you! Yay for giving her some "medicine" to help her with her cough!

I'm feeling much better...thanks for the well wishes! Did you see that Wenda swung by for a visit!

Christina said...

Thats funny. Mom's ALWAYS have the best medicine.

Maya said...

very clever! i'm also happy that her continuous coughing wasn't more serious. it sounds like you've come up with the perfect cure. :)