Monday, January 11, 2010

Midwest Modern, The Quilt

Remember the fabric I got for my birthday in 2008? Well it's mostly turned into a quilt! Can you believe it that in just a little over a year I actually got most of it done? Me neither! It turns out that when you actually sit down and sew for more than 5 minutes at a time, you can get some real work done. A good chunk of the work was actually done in the last week, so I'm hoping if I keep up this pace I may get several old projects finished this year, and maybe even a few new ones!

I don't know if you can tell in this picture, but it's not completely sewn together yet-it's all in big sections ready to be finished tomorrow when it's not midnight and I'm not so tired. But most of the work is done and I'm so happy, because this was the weirdest quilt I've ever worked on. I will never, ever use this pattern again! There wasn't really one piece that was similar to any of the others, which made cutting the fabric nearly impossible, and keeping track of everything was a disaster. Most of it was strewn all over my couch for the last few months, so being able to sit on the couch again is an accomplishment in itself.I really have no idea what I'll do with this quilt once it's done. When I started it, I envisioned it as a more grown up quilt for Laura's bed. Now I'm not so sure. It definitely doesn't say "Laura" to me. Any suggestions?


Rachael said...

Congratulations on your nearly completed quilt! It looks great! :) And now that Laura has her own sewing machine, I picture you guys churning out more and more quilts in the near future. ;)

Three Dog Days said...

Very pretty! 2 suggestions-
1) Send it to me!
2) Donate to a charity for a raffle or silent aution. Lots of pink = breast cancer fund raiser?

Of course, I would think you would want to keep it. Use it as a quilt couch, put on guest bed, etc...