Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Turning 30 Is Easy

Turning 30 is easy to do when….

Your very first birthday wish comes in the morning from your daughter, still blinking the sleep from her eyes.

You receive beautiful flowers from your parents….…and your deployed husbandYou have (several) friends treat you to dinnerYou receive so many thoughtful cards and giftsYou have a delicious and extremely professional looking cake to eatYour sister sets up a blog for the sole purpose of having tons of people wish you a happy birthday
You have friends come from far away to celebrate with youYou have friends willing to get a little goofy with youYou get a little goofy yourself…

I've been 30 years old for six days now. So far, so good. No additional wisdom yet, so this post ends here.


Rachael said...

Love it! And I'm glad that you were brave enough to post the silly pictures. :)

Three Dog Days said...

Your cake looks yummy! And you and your friends ARE goofy. But that is what makes you all so cool.