Thursday, December 31, 2009

One Year Later

About a year ago, the Army Man and I (okay, mostly me) decided it was time to add a dog to our family. Through the power of the internet, I located a shelter that had the most adorable little Australian Shepherd puppy I had ever seen. Rocket was his name, and I knew I had to have him, because I only like Australian Shepherds, and I only like boy dogs. Off we went, driving almost an hour and getting horribly lost, all in search of this dog we had never even met. We arrived at the shelter, met Rocket, and were immediately horrified. Adorable, yes, but he was also jumpy, crazy, hyper, biting....mostly, a puppy. All that, combined with the fact that he was about to be fostered at another house, led us to change our minds and look for another dog. I mentioned to the worker a cute orange dog I had seen on their website, and she scurried back to get her. Out came a skinny, silly looking dog that they were calling Foxy. She sniffed us, licked us, let Laura pet her. She came home with us the next day.

Moxie changed everything I thought I knew about having a dog. Having a dog as a child and having a dog as an adult are two completely different things. My childhood dogs were wonderful, and hold such special memories for me. They were fantastic playmates, they were all so nice to us kids, and they would always let me hug them and cry on them. But the experience of having a dog as an adult is so much better. Is that silly? Maybe, but I really don't care. Moxie has enriched my life so much, and I'm so grateful to have her in it. She's my running companion, she's here in the house keeping me company during the day, she's here at night and keeps me from getting too lonely when the Army Man is gone. She is so cute, so fluffy, and SO entertaining. She never judges me when I eat late at night, as long as I share a bit with her. She sleeps right at my feet under the computer, and will follow me from room to room. She causes her fair share of trouble, and seems to enjoy ignoring me when I call her. She is far too obsessed with squirrels for her own good. The way she greets me after a separation of any length is truly flattering. Love from a dog is a wonderful thing to have in your life.So, Moxie celebrated her "birthday" on December 28th. I decided that she is 3. I hope I'll continue to be loved and harassed by her for many more years.

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Patty said...

She is a lucky dog! I am sure she is so glad to have you both home, our loss. HAPPY NEW YEAR, we love you very much!