Tuesday, September 8, 2009

You See What I'm Dealing With

Poor Laura, dealt a boring mother who doesn't ever seem to want to play, and when she does play, doesn't do it right. Laura is even forced, on occasion, to entertain herself or clean her own room. To make up for these injustices, is Laura given a pool? A pony? A cell phone? Even a TV in her room? No. None of these requests have yet to be granted.

When Laura's mother has the audacity to ask for a few quiet minutes to get ready to go out to dinner, how does Laura respond? With complaints, harassment of her mother, and the sporadic karate chop, naturally. When her mother, who can't take it a moment longer, tells her to go find something to do or else be forced to clean the kitchen floor, how does Laura respond?

"That sounds like fun!"


Three Dog Days said...

Get some nice laundry detergent and sprinkle it all of the kitchen floor. Then give her a nice big bucket of water and a sponge and tell her to have at it, and she better not be done until all the suds and film is gone. Then we'll see how much fun it it.

The drill sergeants tried this on us at basic, using Comet in the bathroom. But we were too smart for them: we brushed it up into our hands (no dust pans allowed) and threw it in the trash. We weren't dumb enough to get it wet.

Bee and Rose said...

My daughter actually reprimanded me the other day for not allowing her to mop the hallway! lol! Crazy kids!