Monday, October 5, 2009

A Beautiful Wedding

We spent the weekend in Charleston again, this time to celebrate the wedding of my cousin Shirley. The wedding was so much fun! Shirley looked breathtaking and the ceremony was so sweet and heartfelt, filled with plenty of laughter (my favorite type of ceremony!) It was held at a beautiful house by the water, and the food was delicious. I got to see some relatives that I haven't seen for quite a while, which was awesome. Laura got to play with all of her cousins, and the Army Man even went so far as to dance with me. Must have been something in the drinks….

As usual I did a terrible job of taking pictures. I never remembered to get a picture of the three of us together. In fact, I don’t have any good pictures of us! I can vouch for us though-Laura was adorable, the Army Man looked great and my dress was very cute (at least I thought so). Enjoy the few pictures I did take!
Laura and Daddy before the ceremonyLaura and Mommy before the ceremony
Shirley dancing with her father
Sam and Fisher not understanding what all the fuss is about
Eden and Estelle, proving that our family produces the most adorable kids
Laura and Campbell at the brunch after the wedding


Gretchen said...

Very lovely pictures. Cute blog! :)

Bethany said...

Your dress was very cute...I meant to tell you. I see Estelle has her sippy cup in that picture...that cup didn't make it home with us. Hope to see you again soon!

Anonymous said...

Oh Claire, thank you so much for posting these! I've barely seen any pictures yet and each one is such a treasure!

Bee and Rose said...

Claire, your photos are wonderful! What a lovely day for a wedding! Laura is beautiful!